Splatter Stucco Machine

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TIROLERA SPLATTER STUCCO MACHINE 2 Quart Capacity Stucco Machine Capacity: 0.550 gallons Presentation: Galvanized Stee Weight: 4.4 pounds Cylinder: Made of rubber with 105 fixed double blades Size: Small 9 1/4″ X 10″ X 6″ – Approx. The small manual “flinger” is a galvanized steel unit with metal tines that “fling” a wet plaster onto a surface. The unit holds about one-half a gallon of material, and has a rigid handle. The turn crank causes the tines to pick up plaster material and splatter it onto a surface. These machines are used to apply a thin lime plaster, but it can be used for clay based plasters too and stucco. Used to Apply Color Coat, Acoustic and Drywall Mud and Glitter Lightweight and Durable Can Match Most Surfaces The most common early-twentieth century stucco finishes are often found on bungalow-style houses, and include: spatter or spatter dash (sometimes called roughcast, harling, or wet dash), and pebble-dash or dry dash. The spatter dash finish is applied by throwing the stucco mortar against the wall using a whisk broom or a stiff fiber brush, and it requires considerable skill on the part of the plasterer to achieve a consistently rough wall surface. The pebble-dash or dry dash finish is accomplished manually by the plasterer throwing or “dashing” dry pebbles, onto a coat of stucco freshly applied by another plasterer. The pebbles must be thrown at the wall with a scoop with sufficient force and skill that they will stick to the stuccoed wall. A more even or uniform surface can be achieved by patting the stones down with a wooden float. This finish may also be created using a texturing machine.