Sokkia SET65W 5 Second Total Station 710153111 (Holiday Promotion)

Sokkia SET65W 5 Second Total Station 710153111 (Holiday Promotion)

$11,900.00 (as of September 9, 2018, 6:59 pm)

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Sokkia SET65W 5 Second Total Station SOK-710153111 Featuring an improved absolute encoder, dual-axis tilt sensor, and Bluetooth for connecting to data collectors, the Sokkia SET-65W Total Station is the ideal choice for survey and construction stakeout. This optical instrument makes it easy to perform on the spot calculations and measurement of precise distances and angles using a single or multiple prisms. The SET-65W total station with 5-second accuracy and 30x magnification enables surveyors to read distances up to 6,561 feet using a single prism and only takes 0.3 second to measure angles. With an improved absolute encoder, it allows the device to resume operation on its last position even when it is shut off. This optical instrument’s tilt sensor and dual-axis compensator ensures perfect leveling and the optical plummet precisely marks its location. Work with Sokkia Field Controllers Integrating Bluetooth communication, the SET65W is able to connect to Sokkia data collectors capable of running MAGNET Field software, such as the Juniper Mesa, SHC2500, SHC250, SHC236 and SHC25. It also features 24,000 points of memory for storing field data and onboard software with versatile application programs. Using a standard Sokkia 9-pin cable, you can easily connect this total station to a computer or data collector for transferring files, accessing advanced layout processing and performing calculations. The Rugged Companion With an IP54 rating, the SET-65W is dustproof and water resistant. The illuminated dual display and alphanumeric keyboard help surveyors input data easily even in dark areas. Its rechargeable Ni-MH battery also provides up to 9 hours of continuous distance and angle measuring, or up to 40 hours measuring angles only! This Sokkia total station package comes with a lens cap, tool kit with case, plastic rain cover, silicon cloth, battery, battery charger, carrying case and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. General Weight 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)