Mitutoyo 515-512 Universal Height Master, 0.00001″ Resolution, +/-0.00005″ Block Pitch Accuracy, +/-0.00004″ Micrometer Head Accuracy, 42kg Mass

Mitutoyo 515-512 Universal Height Master, 0.00001″ Resolution, +/-0.00005″ Block Pitch Accuracy, +/-0.00004″ Micrometer Head Accuracy, 42kg Mass


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The Mitutoyo 515-512 Height Master has a confirmation measurement range of 0.2” to 18.2” in 0.5” block steps, and a micrometer head for fine adjustment graduated to 0.00001”, accurate to + or – 0.00004”. The block stack has a straight (non-staggered) arrangement in a rigid, cast iron frame that can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientations.

The reference block stack has a block pitch accuracy of + or – 0.00005”, with measuring faces parallel to 0.00006”. The speed dial type micrometer head supports adjustment of the height setting, and has a travel stroke of 1” and a pitch of 0.025” per revolution. The counter has a resolution of 0.001” to track turns of the micrometer head. The Height Master weighs 92.6 lbs (42 kg). The unit comes with a fitted wood case and a certificate of accuracy in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Reference gauges are used to make confirmation measurements for calibration against a master value by precision measuring devices. The Mitutoyo Height Master is for use with tools such as height gauges and bore gauges. A set of measuring block gauges, also called gages, are sequentially aligned within a housing to provide coarse reference calibration. The measuring blocks may be stacked straight, or they may be staggered to expose both top and bottom measuring faces. A micrometer head on the housing provides fine adjustment, with a counter that tracks the number of turns of the micrometer head. The final confirmation measurement is the sum of the measuring block position, the counter value, and the micrometer head reading. Reference gages are typically used in manufacturing, machining, and mechanical engineering.

Mitutoyo manufactures precision measuring tools, metrology equipment, and systems. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1934 and formed Mitutoyo America Corporation in 1963, which is headquartered in Aurora, IL.

What’s in the Box?

  • Mitutoyo 515-512 Height Master
  • Fitted, wooden case
  • Certificate of Accuracy


  • Range of confirmation measurement from 0.2″ to 18.2″ in 0.5″ block steps
  • Speed dial type micrometer head for height setting, graduated to 0.00001″
  • Precision reference block stack in straight (non-staggered) arrangement for certain alignment
  • Suitable for use in either vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Cast iron housing for stable height measurement and long service life