Leica DISTO E7400x 390ft Laser Distance Meter, Red/Black

Leica DISTO E7400x 390ft Laser Distance Meter, Red/Black

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Rugged, durable, and water resistant

360-degree tilt sensor opens up new measurement possibilities safely from the ground
Leica DISTO E7400x- Multipurpose Laser Distance Measuring in the Palm of Your Hand

The Leica DISTO E7400x is a perfect blend of form and function in a hand held laser measuring device. Measure distances up to 390 feet, calculate height values directly or with the tilt sensor, measure area, volume, or horizontal distances over obstructions, it does it all. The E7400x is trusted by professionals in almost every profession including, engineering, architecture, window/door, real estate, contractor, HVAC, and MRO.

Robust Housing and Easy to Read Dispay

The sensitive measuring elements are protected by solid rubber over molding and a reinforced housing. Proven in drop tests from up to 6 feet height, the Leica DISTO E7400x is ready for the occasional bumps and bruises it will encounter through the course of the day. What good is it if you can’t see it though. Display technology has changed a lot over the past few years and the E7400x incorporates a bigger, bolder, and brighter display. Even the fractions are bigger for greater visibility plus it can be seen in all lighting conditions, full sun or total darkness.

IP65 Dust and Water Protection Class

Lets face it, the world is not always clean and dry but you expect that your laser will work in all conditions. Sometimes it’s as simple as the person next to you spills their coffee. To withstand daily life, the housing and keypad are specially sealed against water and dust. When it gets dirty wipe it off or rinse it off under clean running water and go back to work.

360 Degree Tilt Sensor for those Hard to Reach Locations

Leave the ladder, scaffolding, and caution tape at home. Based on angle and distance, the DISTO will instantly calculate vertical values from the safety of the ground. Turn on the laser, enter the function, aim and measure to the bottom point, tilt it up, aim and measure to the top. The change in height is instantly calculated. It really is that easy. The DISTO also incorporates a standard 1/4-20 tripod thread allowing use with a tripod for even more precision. Leica Geosystems offers multiple tripod and adapter options that can be used with a DISTO for even greater precision.

Smart Horizontal Mode

Imagine trying to measure wall to wall but there is a large bookcase in the way at the far end. Moving the heavy bookcase is impossible so what do you do? With the DISTO E7400x, you’d press the Smart Horizontal Mode button, hold the DISTO against the first wall, aim the laser up and over the book case and measure. Instantly the DISTO uses the angle and distance values to calculate the true horizontal value as if you had measured straight through the book case. Need to measure across the warehouse or factory? A straight line level measurement is almost impossible since there’s always something in the way. Measure up and over or down and under the object to the far wall and the DISTO calculates the true horizontal distance for you.

Leica accuracy is backed by an internationally recognized standards agency
ISO Standard 16331-1 — The standard for laser distance meters

The range and accuracy of laser distance meters depend on light conditions and reflectivity of the measuring target. For Leica Geosystems it is important that the instruments not only perform under perfect laboratory conditions, but above all under the kind of everyday working conditions encountered on construction sites. This is why, working together with external experts, the company helped to develop a standard by which laser distance meters can be tested and compared with each other. To date, only Leica DISTO products meet the international standards as developed for laser distance measuring equipment.

Feature Set
  • IP 65 water jet protection and dust-tight
  • 360-degree tilt sensor
  • Smart horizontal mode
  • Height tracking
  • Power Range technology
  • Illuminated 4-line display
  • Automatic multifunctional end-piece