LaSquare Combination Square

LaSquare Combination Square Price: $74.99 (as of 10/09/2018 11:24 PST- Details)


Straight from the brain of craftsman Robert LaGesse, it’s La Square! Born out of Robert’s frustration with standard squares, its big fat claim to fame is its big flat 2 inch wide base. It’s a simple but very helpful update to the traditional combination square technology, allowing much more positive contact with your work surface. By increasing the face of the base you get a more secure, sturdy position to base your measurements and markings on. It’s wide enough to clamp to a work surface, wide enough for accurate work on tubing and round material, and it makes marking and scoring possible on a second axis! The LaSquare comes with a nice thick stainless steel 12″ rule, stout knurled adjustment knob, and integrated level. Precision cast and machined here in the US.