Dial co-axial Centering Alignment Indicator Imperial

Dial co-axial Centering Alignment Indicator Imperial


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Hand or Motor Spindle Driven – The machine spindle can either be rotated by hand or using the motor up to a maximum of 500 rpm. Included with the CO-AX Centering gauge – Main body with indicator dial, 3 off straight feelers, 3 off curved feelers, center locating feeler, spanner, retaining arm, storage case and instructions. Key Specifications: Dial diameter – 40mm (1 5/8inch). Body length – 120mm (4 5/8 inch). Spindle Diameter – 10mm. Straight feeler – 40mm (1 9/16inch), 90mm (3 9/16inch), 144mm (5 11/16inch). Curved feeler – 42mm (1 11/16inch), 92mm (3 5/8inch), 142mm (5 5/8inch).


  • Simple method of centering a workpiece, fixture or assembly
  • Find the center on internal or external diameters
  • The outer body and indicator dial remains stationary while the center spindle with the feeler attached rotates. This allows the indicator dial to always face the operator. A retaining arm is included to hold the head in a convenient position.
  • The combination of straight and offset feelers in different lengths allows a large work area to be covered