C-EB-2 Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer | Model E

C-EB-2 Regulator / Converter / Vaporizer | Model E

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The C-EB-2 regulator is an LPG liquid withdrawal high pressure regulator. This regulator provides excellent fuel delivery with liquid-cooled engines up to 300 HP (223.71 kW). Inside the C-EB-2 regulator, liquid propane enters the regulator and then is vaporized using heat from the engine’s coolant. Tank pressure us reduced to approximately 1.5 psi (10.342 kPa). As negative pressure is transmitted from the carburetor to the regulator, the regulator releases propane vapor to the carburetor. C-EB-2 regulators are equipped with a primer button. A correctly installed regulator should not require priming. If priming is required, a maximum duration of only 1 second should be used. The C-EB-2 replaces Impco EB-2. The Model C-E Series provides a negative outlet pressure, with two pressures available. The only difference between the standard and the optional unit is the secondary outlet spring. The standard model C-EB utilizes a blue spring, while the optional C-EB model uses an orange spring. These optional pressures can be used to fine tune special engine applications. The orange spring makes a good choice for cold weather start-ups due to the lower negative “give-up,” however, it will also provide for richer fuel mixtures relative to the standard blue spring. A manual primer is standard on the Model E.