Bosch DAF220K Angle Finder with Cut Calculator, Protractor and Level,

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Angle Finder with Cut Calculator, Protractor and Level The Bosch DAF220K Miterfinder Digital Angle Finder Kit provides the versatility and convenience of four tools–angle finder, cut calculator, protractor, and level–all in one package. This updated Miterfinder now features angle memory for repeated use, simple miter cut calculation, and expanded input range for compound cut calculation. Ideal for use with any miter saw, the DAF220K also features a digital readout, leg extension, and more, making it a perfect choice for carpenters, remodelers, and contractors. Features: Compound Cut Calculator Simple Miter Cut Calculator Bosch has been in the headlines of state of the art development for over 100 years. From the invention of the jigsaw to their ergonomic designed tools, Bosch as cared about the customer since they started business in 1886.