AdirPro 26 ft. Digital Measuring Poles Price: $244.95 (as of 09/09/2018 11:59 PST- Details)


As with all AdirPro products, this 26′ measuring pole combines convenience and quality. This measuring pole has a digital reader to help you out. It is crafted to make measuring an area beneath a specific point. (For example, under the eves of a roof, arches, or beneath an overpass.) This pole will read the exact measurements up to 26’/7.9 m. While you extend the top of the pole and let the “flip-out feeler” at the top of the uppermost tier to reach the desired surface, the counter stays attached to the bottom tier so that you can read it easily while it’s extended. Once the measurement is complete, simply retract the pole and move onto the next location.

The AdirPro 26′ measuring pole is made from fiberglass to withstand rugged use, and has fantastic tensile strength. The is made possible, in part, by the telescoping system that it uses for extending the rod (including with the friction clamps). It’s relatively small when folded (4′ 8″) and lightweight (about 5 lb). This makes transport really easy. And the digital reader is enclosed in a sealed compartment for easy readout in all kinds of weather and environments. The readout has an accuracy level of >1:2,000. The measurements are graduated by ft/in/8ths