3M Respirators – Full Facepiece Fr-M40 First Responder Respirator

3M Respirators – Full Facepiece Fr-M40 First Responder Respirator

$115.00 (as of September 14, 2017, 4:05 pm)

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The 3M FR-M40 Series Full Facepiece was designed specifically for First RespondersIt provides reliable performance for the most critical emergency situations and is used by the U.SArmed Forces all around the worldNIOSH approved with 3M canister CP3N for use against CS,CN,and as a P100 filterCan easily become a NIOSH-CBRN approved system when 3M FR-15CBRN canister is attached,,This facepeice comes with several unique features suited for first respondersThe silicone allows for excellent fit testing results while the optional butyl rubber second skin protects the facepiece increasing respirator life and decreasing decontamination costsAn integral drinking device permits the user to replenish fluids without having to remove the facepieceA dual eyepiece format permits the respirator to easily interface with optics and to fold for storageThis respirator has been modified for easier breathing and is available in Small,Medium and Large.